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Ferrari SA Aperta Revealed


It is fair to say that Ferrari has one of the strongest line-ups in the performance car market giving a wide variety of adrenaline inducing Italian stallions. Whether you like your Ferrari thrills nestled in a leather cockpit or alfresco style they cater for people’s needs rather well. However, there has always been a hole in the range and it was a 599 convertible shaped hole. There have been whispers, roomers, secret meeting but all of this speculation couldn’t prepare us for what we thought would just be a chop-top 599. Oh how wrong we were…

This is the Ferrari SA Aperta and it is a very angry looking beast. Built to celebrate design company Pininfarina’s 80th anniversary, this is the most exclusive Ferrari ever built numbering just 80 examples. It has a canvas roof that Ferrari stress is only to be used in emergencies but this does allow the car to be extremely light. It has been given a stiff set-up to provide exceptional handling for those lucky few who get their hands on one. Under the bonnet is the awe-inspiring Ferrari V12 block producing 661BHP. You want one? I’m afraid Ferrari are fresh out as all were sold even before this information became public, that and it would have set you back £340,000.