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Ferrari SF15-T F1 Car Presents Itself


2015 Ferrari SF15-T noseThe wind of change has blown through Ferrari the past year with many casualties in the form of drivers, designers and even the chairman himself. To the prancing horse their consecutive years ofFerrari SF15-T profile struggle is unacceptable for a team with such pedigree within Formula One. The change to turbocharged hybrid V6 engines didn’t help the Italians one bit with their historical dominance further fading away. Ferrari have one of the biggest budgets of any F1 team and so results should be a given. Hoping to change the fortunes of Ferrari is a new scarlet machine. This is the 2015 Ferrari SF15-T.

What is in a name? The Ferrari SF15-T nameplate derives from Scuderia Ferrari (SF) 2015 (15) with the “T” standing for turbo. Complying with the new F1 regulations for this year, the new car has a long low nose with Ferrari opting for a blunt arrow shaped tip. This car is an evolution from the 2014 competitor with slightly tighter rear packaging. Something else new to the Ferrari is the inclusion of an Alfa Romeo logo which is part of the Fiat group.

Sebastian Vettel, who moves from Red Bull, and Kimi Raikkonen will pilot the Ferrari SF15-T for this season.