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Ferrari SP12 EC Officially Revealed


When you are one of the worlds rich and famous you tend to get a lot of things that bare your fingerprints. T-shirts with your face on them, lunch boxes with your signature engraved. But to have a Ferrari built to your exact specification you would need to be a bit more than a game show host. It’s lucky then that Eric Clapton so happens to be an international rock and roll legend.

Rumoured to cost a staggering £3,000,000 this is the car that Clapton and Ferrari set about building. Named the SP12 EC, it is based upon the already brilliant Ferrari 458 Italia. The car modernizes design elements of prancing horses from the 80’s culminating in a very interesting sight. The exact specification has not been disclosed but you can bet that the cars 4.5 litre engine is pushing out a few extra ponies.