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Ferrari Struggling With New F1 Car


They are the most globally recognized brand on Earth. They are the oldest team with most legendary heritage in Formula One. The horse, however, has not so much been prancing the past few years but limping. It has been disappointment for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the Italians and in 2012 a victory is not just longed for, but a requirement to maintain their reputation. Things are not going smoothly.

Testing of the 2012 Formula One cars started a few days ago in Spain and Ferrari were very keen to show the world their aggressively designed F2012. Now laps and times taken from testing can’t really be trusted as teams wont push for flat out pace in exchange for developing the car further. The Ferrari has been distinctively sluggish even factoring in the circumstances and today brought confirmation that the lady in red was not behaving herself. Patric Fry said “I don’t ever think I could sit here and say it was perfect. We have found some more issues since we have been here.”

Though teams have shown they can turn a car around in such a short time frame before, it is going to be an uphill struggle for Ferrari.