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Ferrari to Investigate 458 Fires


The Ferrari 458 is a super car of biblical proportions with performance that is out of this world. This beautiful piece of machinery is in my view not only one of the best Ferrari’s ever made but also one of the best super cars on the planet. The V8 howl is something that makes your hair stand on end, however it appears to be that V8 being the source of something else. A fire!

Over the past month horrific images of burnt-out Ferrari 458 Italia’s have been surfacing on the internet. The charred wrecks are well beyond repair and distraught owners can only look on in disbelief as their prancing horse goes up in smoke. Ferrari has launched an investigation into these fires as more and more of them come into light. At this present moment the Italian company are treating all the incidents as separate and they are looking deeply into their circumstances.  Ferrari had no further comment to make.