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Fiat 500 Coupe by Zagato is Geneva Surprise


Now the way motor shows work from our point of view is that the show is announced, there is a few truck loads of speculation that builds up, we get some of the facts from manufacturers and are told to keep them quiet, then the day arrives and all goes to plan. Well Fiat kept this one quiet and it has become the biggest surprise of the show so far. Legendary designers, Zagato, have taken a shine to the 500 and produced a masterpiece.

The 500 Coupe by Zagato is of course based upon the standard car but with a few gorgeous new aspects to it. The double-bubble roof is the Italian design firms signature and on the 500 in combination with the sloping roofline fits beautifully into the profile. The rear quarters have also gained more muscle in the hunches making it look like a little bruiser that might just take a pop at anyone who calls it a “pretty boy.”

Unfortunately the car is just a concept for now but we live in hope that it could make it into production if the current is flowing in the right direction.