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Fiat Goes A Bit Dodge-y With New Freemont


Since Fiat bought up Chrysler and co their market share has grown exponentially. The new alliance will forge a new era for Fiat in the US market allowing for rebranded chassis to improve the quality of various badges such as Jeep. This deal also grants the cracking little Fiat 500 entry stateside further boosting its universality. This is all good news for Americans but what we should be worried about is what is coming back down the pipeline to Europe, things like rebranded Dodge’s.

The Dodge journey is a reasonably popular MPV over in America but here on the shores of the UK it is viewed as being a very dull and basic form of transport; think of it as traveling by bus but without the strangers. Well Fiat thought it would be a good idea to stamp theirbadge on it and sell it as the new Freemont in Europe. Maybe they have tinkered with it? Maybe it might actually be enjoyable to drive? No. By Fiats own admission all they have changed is the front bumper and given it a 2.0 litre turbo diesel engine. (sigh) We are beginning to think the USA got the better slice of this deal.

The Fiat Freemont is to be shown at the up and coming Geneva motor show.