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Fight For The Future, BMW i3 VS Audi A2


The Germans do tend to get it right much of the time. In terms of quality in engineering the vast majority of this nations offerings are class leaders. The interesting battles, however, are not fought across borders. They are fought on their home soil. BMW and Audi have been at each others throats since the dawn of time. Each time one makes what seems to be a “checkmate” move the other counters it perfectly. Even in advertising the two take pot-shots at each other, and though comical from our perspective, they do get very competitive. So with the world becoming a greener place both are looking to build this new breed of machine we are dubbing the “electric city car.” But who top trumps who?

The combatants are BMW’s i3 and Audi’s A2. Now both of these cars have yet to be released (2013 for the i3 and 2015 for the A2) so the game we are playing today is based purely on the numbers.

Let’s begin with charging. The BMW will fully charge in 6 hours from a standard socket but the Audi can do the very same in just 4. So first blood to Audi. Audi say the A2’s range should be just under 125 miles when fully charged, the i3 however can only muster 80-100 miles. But when we get talking about performance the BMW comes into its own due to it not being as “lard arsed” as the Audi. 0-62MPH is completed in just under 8 seconds in comparison to the A2’s leisurely 9 seconds. Topping out at 93MPH and producing 170BHP, BMW’s i3 appears to be the performance winner. Or is it? The Audi A2’s torque levels sit at 199lb-ft whereas the BMW loiters behind with 184lb-ft. Its fire and ice, the winner can only be declared once we get the keys.

That concludes todays exercise…