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FIRE UP THE QUATTRO, Audi Revives The Legend!


The Audi Quattro is a legend in its own right. It introduced all-wheel-drive into rallying, it has more racing victories than almost any other car that has competed in any form of motorsport and obviously its 80’s styling makes it one of the coolest things on four wheels. Be it flying through the set of Ashes To Ashes or the streets of Monaco this car is a household name, and a name that Audi has used on every car since. The Quattro retired from service in 1991 leaving an 11 year legacy and since that day petrol heads have been crying for a comeback. Well cry no more as I am ecstatic to tell you that the Quattro is back!

Audi have produced this for its 30th anniversary of the original car, named the Quattro Concept it is based on the Audi S5 but my goodness there has been a lot of tinkering going on. The wheelbase is much shorter and that muscular bodywork brings the original screaming into the 21st century. It weighs in at just under 3000 pounds and has a turbocharged inline five cylinder engine. It gets better as it makes the driver get their hands dirty with a 6 speed manual and none of this electronic DCG nonsense. 408BHP is the figure Audi has given us as well as an amazing 354 lb-ft or torque to match its temperament of a 40:60 set-up.

This is just a concept for now but kick up enough fuss and I would put money on Audi putting it into production in some form or another.