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Fire Up The Quattro!


A couple of weeks ago Audi unveiled to the world their astonishing new RS5. The 4.2 litre, naturally aspirated monster produces 450BHP and can generate 317 pound-feet of torque! This car truly is a descendant of the original Quattro. Today Audi have released some more images of this biblical car.

The cars new active aerodynamic system will help keep is quietly styled V8 demon on the road. The car will also be fitted with an ever impressive DCG box to ensure seamless shifts are commonplace. The RS5 will blast you from 0 to 62MPH in 4.6 seconds and will only stop when it hits its electronically inhibited top speed of 155MPH. The power delivery for this four-wheel-drive god is 40/60 to ensure maximum grip whilst still being able to scorch some tarmac.

Expect to find an RS5 at a dealer in the UK mid-October.