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First Aston Martin One-77 Delivered


There is no other car out there like an Aston Martin. These machines are the embodiment of British pride, design and engineering resulting in a truly unique product. The slogan of power, beauty and sole may be a tad cheesy for some but it does sum up these cars perfectly. So if an Aston is the ultimate GT the £1,000,000 One-77 is the ultimate Aston Martin and the first one has just been delivered.

The 7.3 litre V12 hyper car is the supreme expression of what Aston can achieve. Limited to just 77 cars the first one has been delivered to its owner in Monaco, a fitting home for such a beast. Each One-77 is bespoke to the customers specification offering the ultimate in luxury, refinement and performance. We hope this very lucky sole will use the car for its purpose and not let it share the fate of many of its brothers being locked inside a private collection.