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First Drive: 2014 Suzuki Swift Sport


2014 Suzuki Swift rearSometimes you just need to keep things simple. Often in our heavily complicated world of which we reside we can confuse the things that are truly important and lose track of that we enjoy. Take a look at many of the cars that are on offer today… They have turbocharged this and automated that, Wifi functions and a million speaker surround sound. But where in all of that is the enjoyment of driving? True enthusiasts don’t really care for massaging seats or an electric tailgate. They are nice options, but if a manufacturer gets the basics right, then we are happy as Larry. The 2014 Suzuki Swift Sport might not have all of the gizmos under the sun, but it does make us smile.

The Suzuki Swift was introduced back in 2005 and whilst its design isn’t what we would call modern any longer, it doesn’t exactly look aged either. Even in five door form its compact shape could still be classed as “trendy” like a new pair of trainers. This Swift also shares a sporting link with the previous simile as it is the creatively named Sport model. A neat spoiler is added to the profile of the car as well as more aggressive features including a dual exhaust and shapely bumpers.

Inside the cabin is reasonably spacious seating five. The rear doors of this model further adds to this cars practicality. Its interior feels well put together and durable, but is not the most inspiring in2014 Suzuki Swift seat terms of design. A touch screen infotainment display heads the console giving users access to DAB radio, navigation and Bluetooth. Two bolstered seats hold the front occupants in place and are the first hint that there may be more than meets the eye with this 2014 Suzuki Swift Sport.

Whilst trundling about urban environments the Swift is perfectly pleasant striking a good balance between comfortably tackling potholes and not being too soft. Find a twisty country road and the Swift Sport comes to life. Like an excited puppy it bounds towards apexes with such enthusiasm. Its 1.6 litre petrol engine may only produce 134BHP, but it only weighs just over 1,000KG. The cars change of direction makes it very agile with quick responses from driver inputs. Steering is well weights and full of feel which seems to be missing in many of this its rivals. Rev the nuts of off the naturally aspirated engine via a six speed manual gearbox and the 2014 Suzuki Swift Sport will simply thank you and ask for more. It is one of the most playful little cars I have driven this year and an utter joy to throw into corners. Pedal feel is also great meaning you can judge breaking with ease. Stopping performance also owes a lot to the cars weight, or lack of.

Priced from £13,995 for a three door, the 2014 Suzuki Swift Sport is not only well priced, but also excellent fun. We look forward to spending more time with this car that knows the value of getting the basics right.

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