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First Glimpse of All-New Range Rover Sport


2013 Range Rover Sport teaserThe new Range Rover is an absolute mechanical master piece. On the surface it is a majestic luxury machine that today comes very close to Rolls-Royce standards of interior quality. Yet, the car is also capable of astonishing off-road aptitude. The Sport model of this generation has made a brief and rather blurry appearance in an image that the company has released.

The new Sport is to offer the same high quality interior we have come to know in the Range Rover but in tandem with a true sensation of speed thanks to a supercharged Jaguar engine. Little is know about the car at this point but from the image we can at least tell it will feature a raked roof and slightly angled bonnet, oh and it will likely debut in orange. Our first encounter of the 2013 Range Rover sport will be at this month New York motor show.