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First Impressions: Aston Martin GT12


Aston Martin GT12Aston Martin are going through an exciting period of time with extreme machines making it from concept to reality, to future models on the horizon. Vulcan is an astonishing example of what this company can do with no limitations, a wonderfully potent track only special. The DB11 will bring a new dawn for this legendary brand, but this Aston Martin GT12 is a celebration of power, beauty and soul for today. Effortless V12 majesty meets rich motorsport design in this aggressive coupe.

Packing 592BHP and with an aerodynamic profile more akin to the Batmobile than a road car, this Aston Martin GT12 is the most extreme road legal car the company has ever built. Just 100 will be made and all are sold. Huge rear wing, splitter and diffuser, all come together to create a high downforce package. A carbon fibre cockpit plays host to a beautifully crafted interior. Whilst a menace eternally, the cabin is comfortable enough for some Grand Touring. Shedding over 100KG, its 6.0 litre V12 heart is wrapped in carbon fibre bodywork. 0-60MPH takes just 3.5 seconds and it wont stop until it reaches 185MPH. It would be more but that vast wing for downforce is a trade that has been made.. All of that sounds like this… Enjoy the video!