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First Impressions, Forza Motorsport 4


When we are not reviewing a car, tapping out some news or frantically trying to fix something we have broken, many of us like to unwind in front of the Xbox. The Forza Motorsport series has stolen many hours of our lives with its colossal car selection, brilliant tracks and buzzing community. Now the 4th installment of the game has arrived and we feel we might loose a few more hours yet…

Lets begin with what meets the eye first and by that of course we mean the games visual allure. Pretty is not a good enough word. The graphics are stunning with the racing environment really coming to life and the detailing on the cars is borderline obsessive. It really does look fantastic! Driving a Ferrari 458 around the Swiss Alps is like watching a beautiful oil painting in motion.

But what by far and away impressed me the most was the games physics. Some of the cars I was using I have driven in reality and it was unbelievable the vast amount of similarities there were in the handling characteristics. Astonishingly accurate understeer that must be corrected in the very same manner used in real life, and the same goes for breaking traction whilst kicking the tail out. Turn all the driving aids off and what you have is a product so very close to real life that it is scary. A good example of the physics at work was whilst I was driving a Subaru Impreza with all the electronic nannies turned off. Going over a slight crest unnerved the car and as I corrected inappropriately the car went into a frightfully realist tank-slapper. Naturally this didn’t end well for the car.

The new rivals mode allows you to instantly challenge real people and not just race against the computer. I took on the challenge of beating someone at passing as many cars as possible in one lap using the new 2012 BMW M5. The car performed as expected (further causing me to salivate over my turn in the car in reality) and the game mode proved rather addictive. I may have put a few scuffs on the paintwork due to being a little over exuberant whilst power-sliding around a corner, but the whole event was spectacular.

Forza Motorsport 4 is the complete package and for Xbox 360 owners it is a must buy!