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Ford’s New Focus Electric Revealed, Shocking Or Just A Build-Up of Static?


With many major manufacturers jumping on the electric bandwagon in an attempt to please the Eco-Nazi is it any surprise that Ford has now joined the party? The EV though not yet widely adopted by the public is getting plenty of attention from Nissan in the form of the Leaf, and Chevrolet in Volt shaped packages. The blue oval has reveal its contender in the rather silent battle for electric supremacy.

Dubbed the Focus Electric this Ford could just be responsible for SPARKING a revolution. It is based on the next generation Focus yet receives some tweaks including that rather angry grill to improve aerodynamic flow. Though it is claiming a top speed of 84MPH and a 100 mile range it’s not the performance that is the biggest leap forwards in EV tech, the major factor in the Focus is that a a full charge from a standard socket only takes 4 hours. The best competitor is the Leaf yet that can only muster a full charge in 8 hours! So this battery powered family alternative does reduce the head ache of the prolonged charging that is involved with owning such a car.

But the Focus’ real ace up its sleeve is the badge it carries. People think of Ford and thoughts of practicality, affordability and reliability are often the first to strike their minds. We think that the well known hatch has the ability to really kick start the movement for ordinary people to buy these sorts of cars. The Focus Electric will launch in the US by the end of this year and should find its way onto our shores by early 2012.