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Ford Fiesta RS WRC Ready For 2011


Well the rally car front is very much alive today as this is third announcement relating to the WRC in the past 24 hours. Ford has just seen huge success with sales of the European Fiesta in the USA going through the roof. The Americans love it and so with the little hatch representing the company both here and in the US it makes sense for Ford to make their 2011 rally contender universal. This is the 2011 Ford Fiesta WRC and it’s our sort of rally car!

This, as previously mentioned, replaces the Focus that has served Ford in the rough and ready setting of Rally for many years now. This Fiesta not only looks to be one of the most muscular cars for next year but also shows it competitiveness with a heavily modified variation of the companies 1.6 litre EcoBoost engine and includes a WRC spec turbo. The competition should be wary of this little Ford come 2011. Ford have interestingly not released a power rating for the car…