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Ford Fiesta ST Grows A Pair (of doors)


Ford’s sales dominating Fiesta is much loved in Europe and thanks to Fords global strategy it is adopting, the US are falling in love too. However, the highly rated hatch in its current generation has always been missing its ST variant from the line-up. Ford addressed this a few month ago with the ST Concept, a prospect we liked very much. Now Ford are aiming to give you one more argument to combat your wife who states that “a sporty car is unnecessary.”

This hot-hatch just pulled an ace from up its sleeve… Sprouting an extra pair of doors at the rear makes this car a practical proposition. Your leading lady can no longer ban you from fun at the wheel if you chosen a motor that can also fit the children and all her shopping inside with ease. Being powered by 1.6 litre engine producing 188BHP, this ASBO enduser with all its swollen bodywork has very few flaws indeed.

Watch out Renault!