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Ford Focus RS500 Revealed


The ford Focus RS is one of the best hot-hatches on the market today, in fact I would go as far as to say that it is THE best. But with competitors churning out ASBO inspired cars that are coming closer and closer to the RS, the blue oval have had to think about how they can keep their lead.

Speculation grew to a phenomenal amount over the past week when Ford opened a site counting down to a shadowed figure labelled RS500. Thanks to some internet-trickery press images have been leaked of the enigma that is the Ford Focus RS500. Ford, no longer wanting to continue the act of secrecy has bowed under pressure. And so here it is…

The 500 in the cars name refers to the limited run of 500 cars that will be produced. The 2.5 litre engine gets boosted to 345BHP, 0-60MPH 5.4 seconds and can generate 460 Newton metres of torque! The car will roll off the block in 2011 with 101 cars coming to the UK. So if you want one, and we know you do, get on the phone to your local Ford dealer ASAP. CLICK HERE for press release.

Ford have released a video of the car in action, click here to view it…