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Ford Reveals B-Max


Ford hit the nail right on the head a few years ago with the C-Max. The Focus based MPV with more hight and length was perfect for those looking ford durability and practicality. The car recently saw a redesign incorporating the companies ever evolving “Kinetic” design language. Now the blue oval are aiming for a similar market with the new Fiesta based B-Max.

This “production ready concept” is larger than the Fiesta it is based on yet smaller than a C-Max. Vauxhall Meriva you have been warned! The cars revolutionary design missing the B-pillar allows for ample entry and exit space for all forms of cargo. Sliding doors at the rear add an extra element of practicality. Another interesting note is the B-Max’s 1.0 litre engine that was first seen in the Start concept. This one is coupled with a turbo and boasts  vast reductions in CO2 emissions.

Ford are staying tight lipped about when we will see the B-Max in the showroom but from looking at what we have here we can’t imagine it being far off.