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Formula One 2013, Countdown to Lights Out


F1 2013So here we are boys and girls… Like riding a roller coaster, we are at the very top of the ride just waiting for that last click before being sent into an adrenaline fueled experience that will likely make some people cry, others ecstatic and the occasional few sick. We are now just days away from the first race of the 2013 Formula One season and this year the gloves are off.

Vettel is the man to beat with three world titles in his pocket and a car that looks promising, can he make this his fourth title in a row? Alonso has been denied the championship so many times after coming so close. He has trained to the level of an “Olympic athlete” say Ferrari. The prancing horse’s new car also appears to be one to look out for. Piloted by the “ice man” himself, the Lotus of 2013 may be a strong competitor with development of the 2012 car leading straight into this year of stable regulations. McLaren, missing star driver Lewis Hamilton, have completely redesigned their car, a risky move considering that it was unquestionably the fastest last season. The new machine looked good during testing but just how fast it is will be down to Button and his new team mate Perez. Mercedes AMG who were thought to be a long way off of the pace have fought back and the 2013 car looks like it could be, dare we say it, a potential race winner. Did Hamilton make the right decision after all?

Basically what we are saying is that until those lights go out in Australia we literally have no idea who is likely to win or who has the fastest car, anyone who tells you different is working on guess work alone. What we can be sure of is that this season will be explosive.