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Formula One Debuts In Russia 2014


Formula One is the world premiere motorsport and demands the greatest of everything. The greatest drivers, the greatest mechanics and the greatest tracks. Located in the furthest reaches of the planet, races vary from the fast straights of Monza to the slow bends of Monaco. But what about another extreme factor, what about the addition of arguably the most individual location the world has to offer? Russia…

Today it has been announced that a Russian GP is to join the sport in 2014. Burnie Ecclestone has been in meetings with, Russian President, Putin to finalise the agreement in what will become Formula Ones coldest race. Sochi is the location where the track will be constructed but as the city is also hosting the winter Olympics in the same year the debut Russian race may be put back a year. Renault driver, Vitaly Petrov, became the first Russian driver in the sport this year and though his future with Renault is uncertain his presence no doubt aided the decision.

Formula One is growing at an exponential rate, can the sport really support the growing number of race venues? Only time will tell.