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Formula One Goes “Green” For 2013


Formula One is undoubtedly the pinnacle of motorsport. Here man and machine is tested to extremes in a quest for ultimate performance and race pace. The cars themselves produce so much efficient downforce that they can corner at speed in excess of 130MPH and produce 6G placing the occupant firmly in fighter pilot territory. However F1 these days despite being as popular as ever is under never ending taunts from the Eco-Nazi about how wasteful the sport is, and it is this that is preventing some sponsors from placing their logo on a car. 2013 will see the dawn of the sports “green era” and it is some that has sparked many an argument.

Currently every car is powered by a 2.4 litre V8 and this has been so since 2006. The V8’s have a real history in any motorsport and so in F1 they are very well placed. It has been decided in 2013 that these will be changed to a 1.6 litre four-cylinder turbo engine in a bid to increase the cars fuel efficiency by 50%.  Are they mad? Yes in a sport where mid-race refueling is banned conserving fuel is important, but how can we have THE motorsport event of the year powered by engines no larger than in a Ford Mondeo! It has been said that they will equal the performance of the V8’s with around 650BHP but it’s the principle of having a lawnmower engine in the first place that annoys us. Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz have been opposed to these changes but it appears that the powers that be have already signed on the dotted line. KERS is said to also be increasing its power for 2013 but their are fears of high development costs in building these new engines.