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Formula One Korea “Rain Rain Go Away”


Well that was quite the spectacle… From a race that looked as if it was going to be called off due to rain, the inaugural Korean GP became one of the highlights of the season so far! It all began with with a rather tedious crawl around the demanding circuit behind the safety car for four laps before a combination of whining drivers and cautious race stewards brought the race to a halt. Being blunt the race conditions were bad but over the years drivers have completed races under much worse conditions than we saw today. It was over half an hour later when the race started rolling again.

Led by Vettel as the safety car withdrew the race heated up with granddad Schumacher making a move on Button and succeeding. Rosberg claimed Hamilton’s 4th position as the McLaren’s slowly moved backwards down the pack. In a “slow motion” accident 2nd place Mark Webber spun and collected Rosberg that then put Hamilton in 3rd. Button wasn’t so lucky as his ingenious strategy of changing to intermediate tyres backfired after a chain of safety cars led to him being stuck in 12th where he stayed.

The track continued to improve and at one point Hamilton, thanks to a poor Ferrari pitstop, looked good for second. The Ferrari’s were on top form on the track though and that hope was soon extinguished. But luck was in the British champions favor as with under 11 laps to go Vettel’s Red Bull self destructed and left him with a big fat DNF.

So there you have it, 9 non-finishers and a very brief account of a great race. If you missed it I would make a point of watching it at some point today as it is a worthy investment of your time. As for the track, it presented many challenges both to drivers and the cars making it a worthy addition to the calendar.

Result; 1st Alo, 2nd Ham, 3rd Mas, 4th MSC, 5th Kub, 6th Liu, 7th Bar, 8th Kob, 9th Hei, 10th Hul, 11th Alg, 12th But, 13th Kov, 14th Sen, 15th Yam. DNF: Sut, Vet, Pet, Glo, Bue, Gra, Tru, Web, Ros