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Formula One Lotus VS Lotus Battle Comes To An End


Though Formula One is the worlds premier motorsport, it isn’t just about the racing. Though we would love to leave the politics behind closed doors and sort things out on the track, the truth of the matter is that in F1 there is a hell of a lot of money to be made or lost. The great Lotus VS Lotus argument has finally come to an end.

In a nutshell, Lotus who build the road cars entered F1 this year meaning that they terminated an agreement for the green and yellow Lotus to use the name. The argument was over who had the rights to call themselves Lotus and what damage each side was causing the brand. Well after every conceivable toy being thrown from the pram an agreement has been made. Team Lotus (green and yellow) owner Tony Fernandes acquired Catherham a few month ago and so from next year will call his F1 team by the same name. Lotus-Renault GP (black and gold, road car manufacturer) are free to simply call their team Lotus.

Now that is all cleared up can we get back to the racing?