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Formula Renault 2.0


You have worked hard and now it is time to get serious. Your name is known in some circles and with a reasonable level of sponsorship you are ready to climb onto the first major rung of your motorsport career. Karting is for children and being given the opportunity to drive for a Renault Formula 2.0 team means that given the right conditions you could be on your way to Formula One.

This ultra-light machines though only armed with a 2.0 litre engine are very capable of creating the odd “brown trouser” moment. Their high revving motors are an incredible noise to listen to as the sound reverberates within your ear. Every position counts and every driver is under immense pressure in this series to perform to gain sponsorship and keep racing. It’s cannibalistic world where one too many mistakes will cost you your seat, but make a name for yourself and you might just be granted access to the next step.

Drivers are cocooned within reasonably primitive technology that is near identical to their competitors car. In this series it is all about the driver…