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Forza Friday #1


Hello and happy Forza Friday to you all! Welcome to a new weekly feature of the site that replaces the old “All Revved Up” page. Forza Friday’s aim is to bring you weekly updates of what we have been up to on FM3, what free stuff we’re offering you via the marketplace and other Forza related news. We made the change for two reasons. 1) Although many of you were still using the old feature we felt we were not doing you justice. With our upped workload it got to the stage where it wasn’t updated very often, but this way you gain a weekly dosage. 2) By making it a public feature on the site, meaning updates are published on the home page for all to see, we hope to encourage more people to join in with the community. The more the merrier!

So onwards with the news! This week saw the legendary Le Mans 24 Hour begin with many trials and tribulations, we completely understand as the boys did a simulated endurance race on the game recently (coming soon). We decided to make our own bit of fun based on this great race; we named our event “Le Manks” and it consisted of a group of budding contestants building a RWD car that was pre2000 and bought for under 20,000cr. These wannabe race cars then got painted and tuned to the very top of A-class. Come back next Friday to see how the race went.

This week we are giving away an epic Bugatti Veyron with a top speed of over 260MPH! Designed and tuned by FM3 tuners Vulcan, this hyper car really is a work of art. All you need to do in order to claim yours is search the design and tuning market places for “ILFF1” and this code should give you your epic ride.

Until next week…