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Forza Friday #2


It’s Forza Friday again! This week in Xbox land we have competed in our Le Mank’s event that involved budget racers, yeah it didn’t go very well. Let’s just say it ended with all of the cars getting very friendly with each other…

Other than that rather “eventful” hour or so we have spent most of our time developing next week’s give-away car. We started developing this beast a few weeks back for those who are looking for a challenge whilst on the track. IT IS NOT DESIGNED FOR BEGINNERS! It’s specifically set up to work within certain parameters such as tyre temperature and condition of said tyres. The Audi R8 LMS will be available for download next Friday.

This week we are giving away this rather dashing Ford GT with SR-71 inspired paintwork. However, if you are thinking this is a regular GT with some extra shine you would be very wrong. This car is supercharged and is surprisingly AWD for added stability. Get yours by searching the storefront in both designs and tuning for “ILFF2”

See you next week!