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Forza Horizon: The Verdict


I like many of my fellow petrol heads enjoy kicking back some evenings and playing on my Xbox. I am a big fan of the Forza Motorsport series as its offering of vast amounts of hot metal and challenging tracks from around the world ticks many boxes. You can fettle with components of your car, paint them to an insane level of detail as well as share your creations with mates via Xbox Live. Forza Horizon arrived the other day and at first I was a skeptic… But only at first.

Forza Horizon takes the series away from the track and to the open world environment of Colorado. Clearly being billed as much more of an arcade racer than the simulation of Forza 4, I was worried that this would dilute the experience. You find yourself attending the “Horizon Festival” a combination of fireworks, music and cars. The aim is to enter events and earn multiple wristbands by taking on competitors and eventually claiming the top spot of champion.

Those expecting a typical Forza experience will not find it here. Though the game uses the same physics engine, the cars have been given a much softer and slipy feel. At first this disappointed me but after 20 minutes of drifting like a lunatic I have to admit I was enjoying myself. The storyline isn’t all that enthralling but the the combination of the environment, some very unique events such as car VS plane, and a fantastic array of machines to make your own means that Forza Horizon, as every game should be, is good fun.

This is not Forza 5 but it should be more than enough to tide you over until its inevitable launch.