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Fresh Lotus-Renault GP Images Emerge


Through all the legal battles, arguments, confusion and slagging off the Formula One Lotus situation stands as follows… The team who last year participated as Lotus Racing will change their named to Team Lotus after buying the rights to do so. There will be a second team named Lotus-Renault GP and this team is backed by Lotus who build the sports cars. Lotus (cars) bought the remaining steak of the team from Renault who now participate as engine suppliers. The Lotus-Renault GP car will be wearing the legendary black and gold livery from the teams past and they have very kindly sent us some more pictures to drool over.

The livery originates from the 1980’s when the original Lotus in F1 where sponsored by JPS. Today tobacco advertising is banished and so the colour scheme was abandoned when these rules came into effect and were never seen again. Taking the iconic design and modernizing it for the 21st century Lotus-Renault GP has created, in our view, one of the best looking Formula One cars in a decade.

Also on an F1 note, it has been announced that the 2011 season will be broadcast in HD for the first time. So you can appreciate even the most minuscule details of this car.