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Get Wi-Fi & Parking Mode In BlackVue Dr550gw-2ch Dual Channel


Dr550gw-2ch Dual ChannelPittasoft, the famous Korean dash cam manufacturing company recently introduced BlackVue DR550GW-2CH Dual Channel dash camcorder which is being considered as the successor of amazingly impressive BlackVue DR500GW-HD. The dash cam looks stupendously stylish with the dominating black color and a contrast of grey. Let’s have a look on the vital features

1. Wi-Fi introduction

Wi-Fi is one of the most significant additions in this terrific device. The inclusion becomes important as the feature is missing in many rival dash cams and it adds a fantastic reason to go for this modern gadget. You can transfer the recorded videos at a blistering speed to your mobile and PC for using them on other interesting apps.

2. Image quality

The scintillating dash cam shows brilliant video quality at day as well as at night recording. The color and contrast in pictures taken from the front camera remain sharp and you can clearly see any number plate or a sign board. A little noise can be seen in the images recorded during a night with the rear camera but it delivers good sharp images in day time recording.

3. GPS

The dash cam comes with an in built GPS and enables you to track all moments even when your car is being driven by someone else. It mentions the dates, times and the different speeds on which you drive your car.

4. Design

BlackVue has been tremendously designed with a gorgeous cylindrical shape. The beautiful dash cam looks significantly sophisticated with the two cameras almost same in size. The front camera has a length of 118.5mm and a diameter of 36mm. On the contrary, you find the rear camera 67mm in length and have a width of 28mm. You find a slight cut in the multidimensional viewing as the front camera responds with 137 degrees and in case of the rear view it goes up to 139 degrees. The view has gone on the lower side as compared to its predecessor DR500GW which was supported with the viewing arch of 156 degrees.



5. Auto recording

The moment you start your car, the smart dash cam starts working and records automatically. It deletes the old videos itself and works on the principle of loop recording.

6. Parking mode

The feature enables your dash cam to keep recording videos even when you have parked your car. The trait helps you significantly in the cases of hit and run. You can identify the automobile which has caused any damage to your car and can lodge a complaint.

7. Conclusion

BlackVue DR550GW-2CH Dual Channel impresses you with its superb designing and the amazing Wi-Fi inclusion. The dash cam has all the significant features including Parking mode, G.P.S, auto loop recording and even G-sensor which is highly helpful at the times of collision. The dash cam could have been improvised on the multidimensional view. Its support up to 32GB Micro SD card is also commendable but the cam is going to be much more expensive than the previous version.

You ought to opt for this gadget as it looks amazing with your stylish hi-tech car and provides a comprehensive package with all necessary dash cam traits.