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Is the Google Autonomous Car the Future of Motoring?


Google CarGoogle are one of the few companies in the entire world with the resources to diversify into just about any market they want. From search engine to navigation experts, operating systems to TV. Google have been playing with autonomous cars for a few years now and using their Toyota Prius based concepts, have proven that a conventional car with the right technology is very capable of driving by itself. Now they want to take things a step further by removing the driver completely. Is the Google Autonomous Car the Future of Motoring?

In todays most modern cars the technology exists for the machine to drive all by itself. Radar guided cruise control, lane centring, city safe systems do everything that the driver would. The car is aware of its surroundings and other road users, but what a car in todays showroom lacks is the ability to tie all of these systems together and take complete control. Volvo are well on their way to launching a production car with an autonomous mode within the next few years, but Google’s new project doesn’t even have a steering wheel.

The Google Autonomous Car may resemble a grumpy face visually, but this little two seater prototype, of which there will be 100, is the testbed for the future. Using radar, GPS and a host of other gismos, this car will safely take you to where you want to go. If you think about it, most car accidents are caused by human error, remove the human and your only worry is mechanical issues.

Obviously these are early days for such cars, but can you see “actually driving” your car becoming a pastime as opposed to something we all do day-to-day?