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Gran Turismo 5, The Verdict…


Now I know this is more of a gaming site thing to do, but when Polyphony Digital announced the ACTUAL launch of Gran Turismo 5 we got a little excited. Dubbed “the real driving simulator” it aims to be the most realistic incarnation of a series of games I have enjoyed since I was a child. The only issue was that in its 6 years of development we had moved on to Xbox and no longer had a Playstation, however we decided that we shall invest in one for the office and give the most detailed racing game its due.

Many critics have been criticizing the game as being “sterile and boring” and to be perfectly honest if you are more of a Call of Duty player you would agree. But if you are a bit of a car bore like us then you will instantly become immersed in a game that has the most stunning graphics gaming has ever seen, the most realistic car physics not to mention over 1000different models and a variety of locations to drive them. The thing I love most about this game is the attention to detail. I was pottering about in a Mercedes-Benz SLS and was amazed by its millimeter accuracy of the  cockpit and pitch perfect engine tone! But best of all? The car drives almost identically to its real-life counterpart. The same vague understeer, the same balance around the corners and the same ability to kick the arse out when you give it the beans.

However the pure and simple truth is that despite the games seemingly endless delays it is still unfinished. There are still bugs that result in being trapped in menus and at times jagged edges to shadows that really does spoil the visual effect. Also I felt the control layout was wrong and so customized it as best I could to mimic the Xbox 360’s driving set-up as it is just spot on. But by far and away our biggest gripe with the game is the fact that only 200 of the 1000+ cars have the immense visual detail and the other 800 or so have to make to with distinctly average graphics and no cockpit view. Though they are still accurate to drive I do feel a little cheated now that the cars are divided into a premium and standard class. Many of these bugs are being fixed in the coming weeks with an update and many more features will be added, such as leader-boards and various online race series’, in the coming months but I can’t help but feel that this should have all been done before the game went on sale.

Overall I do still love it and once everything has been fix I’m sure the rest of the world will too. We are looking to somehow integrate the game into the site but more details on that at a later date, right now I’m going back on the PS3 to rag an Audi R8 around a track I have just created using the track builder.