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Greatest Cars of All-Time: Ford Mustang


Ford Mustang JetIn 1964 an American icon was born, a machine that would become synonymous with the USA. Stars and stripes, syrup and bacon, route 66 and the Ford Mustang! This pony car is an icon of performance that every blue collared working man can afford. It is literally the American dream on wheels…

Its introduction part way through 1964 started a craze that saw the Mustang become the companies most successful model since the Ford Model A. Sales forecasts from within the blue oval predicted around 100,000 units to be sold in the first year, however, this number was blown out of the water within three months and just 18 short months since its introduction a million Mustangs were on the road.

The Mustang had won its place in the hearts of its home nation and through 5 generations, the 6th is on its way, this car also became a global superstar. Thanks to its racing career and famous partnering with a certain Carroll Shelby, these stallions got leaner and meaner with now legendary names such as BOSS and GT500 being carved into the pages of history.  The car also had its fair share of movie outings, most notably as the hero of Bullet in a gripping chase scene through San Francisco.

There is just something about the romance of an American muscle car that sets us petrol heads alight.