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Inside Lane Green Car of the Year 2016: BMW i3 94ah


bmw-i3-94ah-green-car-of-the-yearBeing “green” has gone from being an idea, to an obscurity, to something some people do, and is now something that is backed up by law. Whilst the first generations of environmentally conscious cars required plenty of sacrifice, this year they have really come of age with many now a suitable replacement for traditional combustion machines. The new BMW i3 94ah REx took the baton from its predecessor and improved that all important range.

They beauty of the i3 might not be in its appearance, it clearly displays itself as something different, but in its lack of compromise. It features all of the luxuries you would expect from a BMW, whilst the spacious interior offers a zen-like environment. However, the biggest thing to put your mind at ease is that this car has a claimed 246 mile range. There was not a single journey where I found myself with the dreaded range anxiety. When charging was required a 40 minute surge from a DC charger regained 80%.

With those key factors in mind, it is a relative bonus that the BMW i3 94ah handles well, is brilliantly nimble in the city, and is wonderfully refined.

So, there you have it… Green Car of the Year 2016, the BMW i3 94ah.

You can check out the new i3 in its full written road test and also in the video review below.