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Handsome BMW 3 Series Tourer Hits The Road


So what happened to it all? Once upon a time, here in the UK, the estate was king of the roads. It was the body style to have as it offered practicality and a level of executive class. Today the crossover has taken its place and that is a shame. We discussed this in detail on the latest episode of the podcast and concluded that the world would be a better place if things went back to how they were. But how to bring about this trend reversal? BMW’s new 3 Series Tourer might just do the trick.

What a looker! The new Tourer, in my opinion, looks even better than its saloon counterpart. Offering style, German engineering and practicality, who would by a midget 4X4 over this? The model line up consists of the 328i, 330d and 320d, meaning that everyone is happy. The 320d will even do 60MPG+. As for the petrol it gets a turbo and a 0-62MPH time of just 6 seconds.