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Hardcore McLaren P1 Track to rival LaFerrari XX


McLaren P1 sunset“Anything you can do, I can do better” goes the song… McLaren and Ferrari have been at each others throats since the British team started treading on the legendary Italians toes in Formula One decades ago. The rivalry on track has led to spectacular battles around the world making legends of both men and their machines. This altercation came to our roads when McLaren announced that the 12C was to take on the Ferrari 458 Italia. Things escalated with the 650S and 458 Speciale, but the ultimate punch-up is between the McLaren P1 and LaFerrari hyper cars. Or so we thought… Hardcore McLaren P1 Track to rival LaFerrari XX.

Ferrari’s XX program sees wealthy individuals pay for a track only variant of cars such as the 599 and Enzo to help develop future technologies alongside the prancing horse. LaFerrari XX has been confirmed to be in development, but not to be outdone, McLaren have written to all P1 owners asking for interested parties to express their interest in what is being called the McLaren P1 Track. The track only variation would be produced in small numbers and is only for sale to current P1 owners. It will likely feature revised aerodynamics and a race derived cockpit as well as a suspension setup locked to the P1’s race mode configuration.