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He’s Bl**dy Killed My Quattro!


Alas, last night saw the end of the truly gripping T.V. series Ashes to Ashes. The drama based in the 1980’s, a follow-up from the popular Life on Mars, see’s D.C. Drake who has been shot in the head and has woken up back in time. Throughout the past three series we have seen this character working alongside the infamous Gene Hunt solving crimes in the hope of returning to her daughter and the modern day. The plot by this final episode was rich with mystery and compelling question that had yet to be answered, including the fate of Life on Mars key protagonist Sam Tyler.

I shall not give the end away as you may have not had the opportunity to watch this fantastic peace of drama, but I will say it is utterly gut wrenching if you have been following the story from the beginning.

Of course Gene Hunt’s on screen companion of a bright red Audi Quattro was yet another fantastic reason for watching. Viewing this snorting 80’s icon power slide, J turn and even jump through the streets of London was nothing short of epic. “Fire up the Quattro” is a line that my ears will miss on Friday nights… The noble steed met a gruesome end as it was riddled with bullets by what Gene described as “dyke-digging t**spot’s”. Its final act being to protect Gene and Alex, but as it faded away to the music of “chariots of fire” a tear may have rolled down my face.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience and must take the time to thank the BBC for creating such a fantastic show. However, you haven’t seen the last of the Quattro yet as we are making it our mission to use one in our upcoming YouTube show.