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High Roller, Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo Launched


It would be fair to say that Skoda have had a good year. Record sales, several new models, and global acceptance from the worlds motoring journals. Finally they have shed the cloak of mockery and are actually building cars reaching the top of their class. In motorsport the Fabia has romped to success on several occasions and to celebrate this and the centenary of the Monte Carlo rally the brand have announced the Monte Carlo.

The car that shares its name with the legendary race is in effect a special edition Fabia with some added flare. The unique red and black body trim makes the normally sedate hatch appear much more aggressive. Sporty 17” rims are included as well as a bespoke interior with bolstered seats and matching colour scheme. As always the best thing about a Skoda is the price and the top spec 1.6 TDI Mote Carlo will cost a mere £15,000. That is quite the bargain for not only a car that is on par with a Mini for handling and performance, but also any special edition model.

The Fabia Monte Carlo makes its debut at the 100th rally on 19th January.