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Hilux Gives Mother Nature A Beating


The Toyota Hilux as you all know is one rugged truck! Regardless if you’re in a warzone or Sheffield, it’s a Hilux that will be your end of the world insurance policy. No matter what you throw at it this amazing piece of machinery will simply cope. Probably the most infamous demonstration of this is when the BBC show “Top Gear” failed to kill a Hilux after crashing it though buildings, drowning it, dropping in from a building and even setting it on fire. This testimony of engineering appears immortal!

The car has now further built on its claim to immortality by driving to the heart of Iceland’s devastating volcanic eruption. The modified Hilux had been fitted with “go anywhere” tyres, but other than that was left mostly standard. This unstoppable force is being used to collect scientific data where aircraft and some of the world most technologically advanced machines just can’t deal with the environment.

If you’re stuck abroad, your best chance of getting home now is by Hilux.