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History of the Camel Trophy


Land Rover Camel TrophyThe Camel Trophy was an extraordinary challenge for both man and machine, conquering terrain so volatile that Mother Nature was clearly in a bad mood when she cooked them up. Starting in 1980 following the Trans-Amazonian highway, the event pushed teams to the limits of endurance with tough driving all day and often all night. Rivers, mountains and jungles all beaten by the engineers from Land Rover. Competitors noble steeds from 1981-1999 were all built in Britain.

Whilst scouring the internet the other evening I came across an old documentary on YouTube entitled “Camel Trophy, Land Rover Years.” It went through the history of how these incredibly capable machines traveled the world showing exactly what they were made of. In todays world of health and safety an event of this magnitude will likely never happen again. 1999 was the last year Land Rover were involved in the Camel Trophy due to the event shifting more focus on extreme sports as opposed to off-roading. Though not in HD, it is still fascinating to watch the trials teams and Land Rovers faced alike.

Watch as the Land Rover Defender, Discovery and Freelander go where no car has ever been before.