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Hitler Unhappy with his new Porsche 911 GT3


Porsche 911 GT3 roadThe new Porsche 911 GT3 is arguably one of the greatest and certainly one of the most capable 911’s the German manufacturer has ever produced. Powered by a new 3.8 litre flat-six to GT3 cars and controversially only on offer with a PDK transmission, this car will shoot from 0-62MPH in just 3.3 seconds. Four wheel steering, 486BHP and a 9,000RPM limiter make it quite the weapon for both road and track. So why are owners unhappy with their new cars? Hitler Unhappy with his new Porsche 911 GT3.

As this comically dubbed video illustrates, two engine fires in these brand new cars have led to Porsche recalling all 785 delivered so far. Each car will receive a brand new engine and then be returned to its respective owner. In the meantime, whilst Porsche deal with this fallout, production of new GT3’s have been halted. A notice to all owners telling them to stop driving their new pride and joy was issued on safety grounds. After an extensive investigation by Porsche, the cause has been ascertained.  A weak connecting rod bolt damaging the crank case has been concluded as the culprit for these charred remains. Either way, Hitler is none too pleased.