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Honda Civic Tourer Concept Reveals Its Seductive Shape


2013 Honda Civic Tourer ConceptEstate cars are not the sexiest of machines you could own, but needs must and their is no denying their practicality. Though the crossover has stolen a lot of sales from this segment, the estate has a special place in the hearts of the people of England. During the 90’s they were the most popular cars on sale. Honda hope to inject a bit of style back into the big boot brigade.

This is the Honda Civic Tourer Concept, a close to production preview of what Honda’s estate variation of the Civic will look like. With an angular front end yet elegant rear, the car presents some very desirable architecture. The new “floating roof” feature is something we will likely see on future Honda’s including the soon to be baby CR-V. Engine are expected to mirror the Civic hatchback. We should see the finished Honda Civic Tourer later this year.