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Honda Civic Type R Killed Thanks To Eco-Nazi


Fiery rage and anger fills this post as the Eco-Nazi strikes again! The continuously changing Euro emissions law has already claimed brilliant cars such as the Mazda RX-8 due to them running over a few to many dandelions and not wanting to socialise with dolphins. Now even the hot-hatch is under attack by the green bully as it has been announced that the Honda Civic Type R, one of the best hatches on sale today, can’t be sold next year thanks to these laws that are choking the industry.

I am genuinely enraged by this as here, yet again, is car that is selling perfectly well one moment and then is bullied off of the market the next. The governing body expect Honda to spend millions on redesigning the fantastically high revving 2.0 litre engine in order for it to continue being sold next year. Understandably Honda has seen it to be more financially viable not to update the car and just wait it out for the next generation Civic.

I have a message for the people responsible for the emissions law… P*** -OFF trying to control what I can and can’t buy! I will drive whatever car I please, it’s called FREEDOM and myself and a vast number of others are sick of you trying to take control of our lives. End rant.