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Honda Civic Wagon Concept Becomes A Seductive Shape


Honda Civic Wagon ConceptThe Honda Civic has been the staple of the companies car sales for decades. Ever since the first hatchback was launched in 1973, it has been phrased for good handling and fantastic Japanese reliability. Honda are looking to maximise the appeal of the current generation Civic by offering it in more variations. We have recently seen the addition of a 1.6 litre i-DTEC engine to please the diesel market, but now the Civic is going to get a healthy dose of practicality.

The Honda Civic Wagon Concept previews the production Civic estate. Honda say that this show car “strongly hints at the design direction of the final product.” That is fine by us as the Wagon Concept is a good looking machine. From the sketch released you can clearly see the curvaceous nature of the car and that rather sporty central exhaust. Another key design feature is the apparent “floating roof” that certainly makes the car stand out. This Civic will likely receive the same range of engines as the hatchback including the new diesel.