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Honda CR-Z Mugen Scrapped


We were so excited… Champagne would have fallen from the heavens, gold would have lined the streets and a hybrid would have finally ticked the performance box. The Honda CR-Z Mugen was so close to becoming a reality due to strong public interest, but Honda has pulled the plug.

The swollen bodywork is pure boy racer and this machine could claim its own ASBO on the merits of a spoiler that big. The efforts of Mugen are highly appreciated on cars like the Civic and so to have the CR-Z become a hot-hatch at their hands would have been a dream come true. The supercharged 1.5 litre hybrid will no longer make it to production and there is nothing its 197BHP prototypes can do about it. No real reason has been given, but we can speculate that it was due to funds being used elsewhere in the company.