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Honda CR-Z To Enter Le Mans


The Le Mans 24 hour is one of the most prestigious events on the planet. All day, all night men and their machines are pushed to their limits. The grid is made up of a whole multitude of combatants from various different classes providing a racing spectacle on every spectrum. This year Honda has decided to take its CR-Z to France in a search for hybrid glory.

The stripped out and race prepped Honda CR-Z keeps its hybrid drivetrain and aims to use it to reduce the amount of refueling needed for the 24 hour race. The car produces 200BHP and 201lb-ft of torque all pair with a six speed manual gearbox. This variant has seen racing success in the 25 hours of Thunderhill coming 2nd in its class. Can the wing welding hybrid fight the horde and claim victory? We shall soon find out.