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Honda Jazz Hybrid Announced


The Honda Jazz is the company’s bestselling car in the UK and its current incarnation is just as highly acclaimed as the previous one. With a range of engines to suit the needs of the driver, the Jazz is one of the more “fun” cars from its segment thanks to some rather good handling. However all manufactures have to reduce carbon emissions to meet targets set by European law and so Honda’s latest strategy is to offer this car in hybrid flavour.

The Jazz Hybrid will be officially unveiled at the Paris motor show in September and is being hailed as the first B segment car of its type. It will use a 1.3 litre engine coupled with an electric motor to reduce fuel consumption and increase MPG. Just like the Honda Insight it can run on all-electric power at low speeds to further reduce noise and engine usage. Visually the car receives a new grill and bespoke lime green paint though many other colours are available.