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Honda Mugen CR-Z Revealed


Honda’s attempt to make the hybrid car a more fun proposition worked for us. Some criticised it for not getting enough economy but at the end of the day the CR-Z is an enjoyable experience. The hatch brings an engaging drive to the lacking hybrid party, though its rear seats thanks to a sloping roofline can hold nothing larger than a pineapple. Now Honda is turning the volume of the eco-music up to 11 with the Mugen C-RZ.

How does adding a supercharger sound? The Mugen CR-Z set to make its debut at the Goodwood festival of speed packs a 197BHP punch as well as a mighty 181lb-ft of torque. It still retains the standard cars hybrid drive train but thanks to a modified chassis, suspension and carbon fibre bonnet performance is vastly improved. The car in its current state is a one-off however the Japanese company has said that is there a significant interest then a limited production run is an option.