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Honda NSX GT3 Attacks the Track


The NSX name is legendary both on road and at the race track. This Senna developed icon is globally respected for its keen handling and sweet V6 VTEC engine, taking the road car racing was a logical step for a machine that put Ferrari in their place. The new Honda NSX is set to follow in its predecessors footsteps and take to the grid. At the 2016 New York Auto Show the Honda NSX GT3 has been revealed.

Whereas the road car makes the most of its triple motor hybridHonda NSX GT3 powertrain, the Honda NSX GT3 drops that system in favour of a more traditional layout. The 3.5 litre twin-turbo V6 engine remains, but all of this cars power is now directed through the rear wheels. Also gone is the 9 speed automatic transmission which has been swapped out for a trusty six speed manual gearbox.

Aerodynamic revisions are extensive for the NSX GT3 with the introduction of a larger rear wing and bespoke bodywork. New ducts channel the airflow through the car for cooling and a reduction in drag. Front splitters and dive planes increase downforce at the front end of this racer whilst a large diffuser does its work at the rear. Much of the road cars aluminium architecture has been retained.

This Honda NSX GT3 will be based at the same Acura factory that makes the road cars. Honda/Acura have a strong success rate in motorsport and so we have high hopes for this new GT3 competitor.

Check out the video of this new Honda NSX GT3 in action!